We are a group of IT specialists providing IT solutions to the customers by leveraging a unique offshore outsourcing model and onsite presence. A wide range of IT experience, flexible polices, efficient project management and competitive price distinguishes us from others those are offering the same.

We stand out through a unique team of strongly motivated and highly skilled technical and software engineering specialists.

We are able to provide solutions even starting from incomplete, less-defined specifications. We are specialized in approaching from scratch highly innovative projects with many technological and creative challenges.

We stand on the following 5 pillars:

We have run software development projects for the customers located in USA, Germany, UK, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines and for various enterprises in Bangladesh with topics mainly related to data management (Internet & Intranet data management, Portals, Authoring Tools, etc.), enterprise applications, mobile applications, data and application migrations.

We are confident enough to produce a quality application at the best of your satisfaction with proper communication, time-line achievement, in-time delivery and competitive price.