Usability Testing in UI/UX Design for Flawless Digital Solutions

Usability Testing for flawless digital solutions 

Design UI/UX with empathy is one of the core values of design thinking. Any digital solution meant to solve a challenge must be developed with the eyes of a user yet putting yourself in the users’ shoes is easier said than done especially when it comes to sensitive digital solutions such as healthcare apps.

Guaranteeing designing the right UI for the right UX and vice-versa is a matter of actually testing the usability of what you are developing! 

What is Usability Testing? 

Usability testing is the practice and process of testing: How functional is a design and how practical and easy is it to navigate through it according to a real group of testers/users in order to generate useful insights and solve existing problems. 

There are many methods of testing applied among designers depending on the type of project and the awareness of users

In-person testing VS Remote testing: In-person testing refers to live testing by groups of users that represent your aimed users (for example an app meant for old people cannot be tested by teenagers). Remote testing is done online can come in a form of a survey

Moderate VS unmoderated: While a moderated testing session is directed by specific follow-up questions an unmoderated one is free and based on spontaneous feedback

Explorative VS comparative: The first refers to open-end testing while the second requires asking the testers to choose between two case scenarios.

Usability Testing for useful products 

There are many aims behind usability testing mainly understanding the user behavior while using the product and detect flaws through instant feedback to make improvements. A successful user experience is what defines a business success

 Here are the main goals behind this process:

  •  Measure how possible it is for testers to achieve intended tasks successfully and rapidly.
  • Detect user’s state of mind, feelings, and level of satisfaction towards your design. 
  • Collect data, opinions, and insights regarding different aspects 
  • Identify current and potential problems and bugs
  • Revise the design by making changes according to available feedback
  • Avoid time waste and financial losses 

Usability tests can be done multiple times throughout the development process. The generated insights help :

  • Validate your prototype. 
  • Match expectations with performance 
  • Enhance the user experience

Guidelines to effective usability tests 

Here are the best practices recommended by our experts to run smooth usability tests

  • Use reliable metrics to analyze results (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Test different case scenarios 
  • Target not only design functionality and aesthetics but the overall user experience
  • Give users absolute freedom of feedback (there is no point in not being honest)
  • Testing with at least 10 participants including 3 pilots, 5 regulars, and 2 backups 
  • Don’t underestimate the testing of any page no matter how least important it is

At India NIC, our experts solve problems via genuine design thinking 

Our design mastermind design with an approach and a framework based completely on solving challenges by applying key principles

  • Empathizing: Understanding what challenges the digital solution is trying to solve and what its users are expecting.
  • Defining: Detecting specific problems and the smallest errors
  • Ideating: Adapting solution-oriented thinking in order to solve each problem
  • Prototype: Improving prototypes according to different aspects of the problem to solve
  • Test, test & retest: Testing products like a user and deliver flawless digital solutions

With a team of 400+ masterminds of various ages and backgrounds, it became easier for us to represent potential users and so develop thousands of successfully designed projects! Check our portfolio 

At India NIC we believe any digital solution serves a purpose and every user needs to be satisfied or it is failed. We don’t only develop software; we develop delightful digital experiences by conducting robust Usability Testing’s throughout our development process.

Minimize risks and rock your user experience via collaborating with India NIC! 

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