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Software programming as a job VS as a passion

Programming is a vast domain that gathers millions of smart passionate people across the globe called “developers” in many specialties. Some people find it very interesting as a modern career, some others find it boring and complicated. Some developers consider coding as an “I prefer selling potatoes but I need to pay my bills job” some others consider it a lifestyle, a passion, a reason for existence, and a valuable experience.

Whether you are a confused developer, having developers as friends that you want to follow, a kid hesitant to consider software development as a future career, or just passing by out of curiosity this blog is for you! Read it and enjoy it.

Let’s clarify the basics

Who is a software developer?

Unlike the general opinion and the image given by movies that visualize a developer as the geek smart cool kiddo in school who can turn a computer into a destroying machine or the very young smart policeman who hacks criminal computers.

A software developer a.k.a programmer a.k.a coder is a divine smart person capable of creating useful software leveraging coding and high technologies as a job freelance or just passion.

Developers expected tasks  :

Any type of developer is expected to fulfill the following inquiries

  • Analyze documents provided by BA
  • Recommend software upgrades for customers’ existing programs and systems
  • Analyze coding scenarios and find solutions
  • Test and develop software
  • Maintenance of software

The Required skills of a good software developer :

People think that a software development job only requires technical skills like expertise in technologies, and experience. It’s not true, a software developer needs soft skills as he works with a team and is in constant communication with BAs and PMs. The most important skills on demand are analytical skills, creative mindset, sense of solution orientation, problem-solving, and management skills.

Software development when you take it as a job

The legitimate way to become a developer is by having a software programming degree like computer science bachelors or by persuading programming and coding courses adding to that a full CV of years of experience that might get you hired. Some people opt for programming studies just for its high demand in the market, for articles they read about potential salaries or just to follow some friends who make it look like a dream job.

When it comes to programming for a living, coding turns into a daily repetitive task where you face professional responsibility and where your only concern is to make anything to be delivered in corresponding deadlines and that satisfies your boss just to keep your job. This approach kills the innovation and the passion to create that can lead to extreme boredom and hate for the job as you feel that you don’t care if you enjoy it or not or not as long it pays your bills and end up turning into a human-robot losing all sense of challenge and get stuck in a certain field and add years to your job experience without actually mastering a new thing. till you reach a point where you ask yourself is it really worth it? Why am I doing this ??

When you practice software development as a passion :

While some people take software development just as a job adding years to their experience. Other people practice software development Programming as a profitable passion for leveraging technologies to create “value”.

Becoming a programmer isn’t just by obtaining a degree, it is a curiosity, a creative mindset, and an innovation universe that attracts even kids to try at a very young age. Developers who are driven by passion never stop learning, prospering, and growing their skills as they take every challenge and problem individually and work with the aim to satisfy their innovative ego before any boss.  Passion for programming is something like boundless, a sea of knowledge, and pure curiosity to explore human capacities in creation.

At IndiaNIC we do them both!

We keep the value of our job with extreme passion

As a company with 22 years of software development, our journey taught us a lot about the importance of being passionate about everything we do. Success comes when we practice passion combined with our job. We learned to renew our passion day by day by keeping a great team bonding and empowering each one another to continuously learn and grow.  As much as we do programming for client’s satisfaction as much as we do it for the divine feeling to create anything the way we imagined it, put it alive flawlessly, and fancy the leveraging of new technologies. we came to a level where we launch and participate in national and international hackathons in order to keep energy high and make sure to deliver “valuable experience” to all of our developers.

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