School Management Software

Incorporating a school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best school administration software also enables a humongous save on institutional resources through digital storage without compromising the organization’s precious data.

What is School Administration Software?

School management software is a set of tools that facilitate simplified and efficient school administration management. The software enables complete automation and control of an educational institution’s numerous operations, infrastructure, activities, processes, and overall functioning. It also provides a unified platform for school administrators and other school stakeholders to collaborate and work effectively.

What Functions Does the School Administration Software Perform?

School management software offers comprehensive software tools and features to streamline and manage an educational organization such as a school. Here are the core functions of a school management system:

  • Student admission/enrolment process management
  • Maintaining students, teachers, and staff database
  • Managing the day-to-day activities of a school
  • Human resource management
  • Information management
  • Curriculum management
  • Examination and assessment management
  • Attendance management
  • Resource optimization
  • School and parents’ communication management
  • Financial management to include budget planning, payroll, and fee management
  • Campus infrastructure, facilities (canteen, library, etc.), and security management
  • Transport management
  • Vendor management
  • Compliance management to include regulatory policies, procedures, and documentation