Our Mission  

We are guided by our values in every decision we make and every step  we take and aim at becoming the nearshore home for our client’s software development and software testing, a trusted IT outsourcing partner they can rely on.       

We aim at enabling our client to gain competitive advantage with our software  engineering expertise team extension and capacity to scale. On this path ,we rely on our people . processes and three guiding principles.

Our Principles 

Since 2012,our values have been the essence of our existence and principles that guided us every step of the way .we value :
Reliability:  Which means being committed to delivering what is agreed, taking ownership, assuming responsibility and doing honest work for the  client.

Respect: by which we understand setting an environment of trust and openness, being authentic, honest with ourselves and with everyone else and appreciating the dignity and potential of every individual.

Striving for excellence: a value that drives us to pursue depth of knowledge, effectiveness and continuous improvement , both personally and professionally.