Attendance Management System


The name of the software is Calipso. It is built to manage employee records, office attendance, leave history and balances, advance and loan records and payroll. Following are features of the software:

Radio Frequency Card Reader and Bio-metric Based Data Capturing

The system works on proximity that is contactless Radio frequency card Reader and also Bio-metric methods.  The time and attendance record for each employee is recorded as soon as the employee swipes/punch the card in-front of the reader or presents his/her finger or Face.

Easy to entry but very detailed database for the employees

The entire part of data entry is very easy to create employee data and other reference data such Department, Section, Shift etc.   

Standard Time keeping, leave module and Payroll

The system has all the standard time keeping features such as 

  • Daily Present, Absent, Late and On-leave status monitoring
  • Shift and Roster Management
  • Special office schedule for festival or any other occasion
  • Unusual Day management like Strike and Blockade
  • Holiday Management
  • Multiple weekend  facility
  • Manual adjustment of daily attendance data such as late remark elimination with proper note from the employee and authorization of the admin department
  • View all the movement records for each employee who are going out and coming in
  • Facility to edit time for the Out Posted employees with proper authentication from the authority
  • Facility for manual Data entry to accommodate the accidental failure of the equipment
  • Leave Management 
  • Payroll Data Management
  • Advance Management
  • Bonus and Incentive Management
  • Arrangement of provide compensatory leave 
  • Timely forwarding of the summary reports to specific email addresses
  • Has versatile reposting system to meet the management needs

Reports in the system

The system can generate the following reports:

Security Feature

The system has its own user management system to protect unwanted user intervention. Administrator can assign access permission on the operations in the system.

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