App Store Optimization- Five False Beliefs and Truth behind them

Today’s norm is: If you have an app, you need quality App Store Optimization (ASO) services. The app stores are flourishing with thousands of new apps across various genres daily, and the users spend more and more time on handheld devices. The great opportunity, generated by these two facts, can be grabbed in the best possible manner while minimizing the impact of growing competition in the mobile app domain through ASO services.

The app industry is one of the hottest areas right now with development and buying rates for apps are at all-time high, but then mythologizing has started engulfing this lucrative sector. ASO also witnesses a sting of misbeliefs that put many app owners at bay for applying strong marketing tactics for increasing visibility and the number of downloads for their applications.

Here we are going to burst five significant myths behind ASO with a dosage of truth to help you win the ASO game. But before that, let’s have a brief talk about its importance:

It’s about searching
The users tend to search for new apps in the app store, and ASO enables you to exploit this tendency through addressing various online ways like third-party websites, social media platforms, media, etc. As per the statement of the Head of search and discovery for Google Play, about 50 percent of DAUs (Daily Active Users) search for new apps at least once a week, and ASO is a tool in your hand to capitalize on their searches.

Now, let’s make a list of five misbeliefs about ASO:

#1: Change title frequently for leveraging high-ranking searches

Truth: Select a title and stick to it

The title is undeniably the single most important element. However, it is not good to change it frequently for adapting to top searches. Creating of different variations of the title on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis by changing keywords does not help but may hurt your app’s ranking.

Picking up the title is a one-time process, and therefore, it should have the following characteristics:
· It should be short in the limit of 25 characters
· It should be creative and expressive
· It should be unique
· It should have a keyword, but stuffing is not good

Here you need to take care of the first aspect more than the other ones.

#2: Keywords are not that important
Truth: Keywords are important, stuffing is not.

As per the prevalent myth, keywords are useful for an SEO and ASO has to do with the rankings only. Though ASO is quite different than SEO, keywords matter a lot in ASO at least in your app title and description. App titles with keywords can have better chances for a higher ranking than those without it. The app stores have algorithms that use traditional search methods for ranking including keywords.

On the other hand, keyword stuffing may not work for your app’s rating so avoid it.

#3: Rating is everything
Truth: Rating is important, but it is not everything.

In the world of App Store Optimization, ratings play a vital role as they have a direct impact on a user’s probability to tap through or download an application. But it does not mean that rating is highly significant in affecting an app’s rankings. If we check some of the chartbuster apps across various categories, we can find that they are not backed up by high ratings. Some of the highly competitive apps have got one and two stars as well, even with a Top listing.

The conclusion is: ratings are good for sure, and they can make a good impression on the user’s mind. But, for ranking, ratings are considered as just one of the important factors.

#4: People will find the app if it is in the app store
Truth: A lot of downloads can give your app enough recognition.

Let’s not get too optimistic. Even if your app is on Google Play or iTunes for long, it is not guaranteed that people will find your app from the huge pile of applications. Your app requires being distinct on many aspects to stay ahead of the curve. You need a lot of organic downloads for establishing your app because apps with more downloads can secure the higher rank that results in higher visibility. The recent announcement from Google shows that Google Play will now also consider user engagement along with downloads for ranking.

ASO services can combine various marketing tactics to increase the app downloads organically. The best ASO services include social media, content marketing, PPC, etc.

#5: Description is of less importance
Truth: Description is very important.

Your ASO efforts can fall short just because your app has no proper title and description. The Google Play algorithm takes the context of description into account for ranking. It has a potential to compel users to download your app. We can give number two to the description regarding importance after a title. You can make the description more effective through adding trendy keywords in it.

Wrapping up
App Store Optimization (ASO) is covered with many misconceptions. You must get rid of them for having your app noticed on the app store, and a professional ASO services can certainly help you in achieving this goal.

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